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  1. They can keep it. I'll stick with my Galaxy S8
  2. The vinyl looks pretty tempting.
  3. Emmi here

    Gwen should've kept Hard 2 Love. 

  4. I'm tied between Circus and Slumber Party.
  5. Emmi


    I think it'll grow on me in time, it's a cute song. I hope she doesn't make us wait long for the MV though.
  6. Emmi


    Love it, I think blonde suits her well
  7. Awe congratulations! I hope this announcement doesn't put a stake in her next album though
  8. Emmi


    Some of my favorites are unreleased. JoJo and Kerli have a pretty good collection that was leaked.
  9. Good for her. Can't wait to hear what she comes out with next.
  10. Emmi here

    Bought a new turntable a few days ago. Now to spend my weekend looking online for vinyls :) 

  11. Emmi

    Can't wait to hear it
  12. Emmi

    One of my favorite that HS has ever done.