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  1. Milkshake was also featured in mean girls though and nobody even knows who sings that song
  2. Soshi

    this was the least biased post I've ever seen on this forum
  3. Soshi

    Glory barely has EDM though I'd say only Clumsy, Better And Invitation are EDM
  4. Soshi


    I really don't know what to say about Hyoyeon's song to be honest
  5. Soshi


    @GlenCoco Taeyeon is stanning Britney OMG OMG
  6. I think this might be the best American video of the year It was too good, even her fugly bangs weren't there most of the time and when they were they worked.
  7. If Beyonce she hadn't had that 20 minute performance with effects and tons of energy that was honestly amazing Britney wouldn't be a lot of the hate her performance got I mean it wasn't much different from the BBMAS that all of you praise (in terms of energy and dancing).
  8. Britney's performance was cute, I don't think she wasn't very stiff at all, she had a lot of energy its just the choreo didn't do her dancing justice. The outfit was hideous but I enjoyed it. I can't believe y'all actually expected her to do something like 2001 VMAs
  9. Soshi

    I don't care who the fuck either of you stan or what section this is but accusing Britney of being forced into prostitution and Christina having sex with her father is going a little bit too far Can't y'all just argue about sales and numbers though Brit and Xtina fans argue so much on here you probably ran out of topics
  10. I stan Britney but y'all are delulu if her face doesn't make her look 50, and her body is starting to get way too toned too. Also all these Xtina pics have her wear 30 pounds of makeup so ...
  11. Soshi


    Here's the teaser: She appears for a split second near the end. The Korean says Hyoyeon X Min X Jo Kwon and its produces by JYP so Its some sort of collaboration.
  12. Soshi


    This song slays Hyoyeon is getting one too it comes out on Friday.