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  1. I bopped to IUSA and Breathe On Me when I was 8 I wasn't corrupted I just thought it was all about breathing and finding some girl named Amy.
  2. Milkshake was also featured in mean girls though and nobody even knows who sings that song
  3. Soshi

    this was the least biased post I've ever seen on this forum
  4. Soshi

    Glory barely has EDM though I'd say only Clumsy, Better And Invitation are EDM
  5. Soshi


    Blackout is good but she sounds just as absent as she does in Circus
  6. Soshi


    considering there is no way to purchase a digital album in South Korea it isn't that bad, fangirls lead album sales since they're all physical, and Britney isn't known for having fangirls in 2016
  7. Soshi


    Glory didn't actually go #3 in Korea, the International Chart isn't the official one, In the official one it charted at #26.
  8. Soshi


    I really don't know what to say about Hyoyeon's song to be honest
  9. Soshi


    @GlenCoco Taeyeon is stanning Britney OMG OMG
  10. It wasn't because she considered herself superior but because she was just there to enjoy herself and have fun not compete, she would have said the same about anyone, at least thats the vibe I'm getting from the interview.
  11. I think this might be the best American video of the year It was too good, even her fugly bangs weren't there most of the time and when they were they worked.
  12. Soshi


    It was cute, she looked hot, she had a lot of energy especially when she alone at the beginning. Now there was too much G-Eazy, and she obviously wasn't going to outshine Beyonce so I really don't get where the hate for this performance is coming from, I mean its miles better than her previous VMA performance.
  13. If Beyonce she hadn't had that 20 minute performance with effects and tons of energy that was honestly amazing Britney wouldn't be a lot of the hate her performance got I mean it wasn't much different from the BBMAS that all of you praise (in terms of energy and dancing).