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  1. Stifler's Mom

    Music Video

    You're welcome Not even YouTube itself is a trustworthy source, they usually also compress lot's of quality. The only platform that doesn't ruin anything is Vimeo. Hopefully we will get the complete collection in this remastered quality.
  2. Stifler's Mom

    Music Video

    Yes, there is a source from MTV published. But we need them restored like these videos that I mentioned, all of them. (unless the ones that were published in HD on YouTube).
  3. So basically I created this thread, thanks for other posts around here, and I've been doing my research and now a days is possible for you to remaster SD videos (with preference from a official DVD source import, like GH or Singles Collection, etc). Some videos have been published but nobody really noticed them at the time, and some people did amazing work on them. When I say remastering them flawlessly, I mean quality, not simple upscale videos that just waste space and are only maximized overall. Remastering these videos take some work, you have to import from the DVD source and then in programs like Adobe Premiere + Adobe After Effects, there are some new tools developed by Adobe (Detail Preserving Upscale) that are really accurate and efficient when it comes to remastering these videos to HD. They reduce the noise, sharpen the videos and automatically do some other magic that it would take me the bible to explain to you. Here are all the remastered videos we have so far: All of them are in 1080p, and respecting it's original format (yes, I hate when they upscale videos from 4:3 to 16:9, logically it will cut parts of the video and mess it up). So if you find any more videos that match this type of rendering quality, or have the free time to do missing videos, we can combine all her music videos HD efficiently and create a fan made blu-ray or just keep it to ourselves.... As always, we are doing the homework that RCA doesn't bother to do.
  4. Stifler's Mom


    Bonn actually, altho I wanna go out in Cologne and such. I really need friends lmao
  5. Stifler's Mom


    From Porto, Portugal. I'm coming back this February. all of us should go out together maybe?
  6. Stifler's Mom


    I actually lived in Bonn too lmao. It was boring tho, I had to go to cologne every weekend. I barely had friends there, it was lonely But well, Germans are hot!
  7. Stifler's Mom


    I lived there for 8 months (near bonn) Porto is also a good city!
  8. nobody notice the fact that this deposition is around in the first place? very direct and specific questions are being asked. which means these allegations were around 4 years prior to her injunction. Interesting. Why are they asking these questions in the first place? Because clearly she had already told somebody. ....and being at the height of her career, he wanted her to be officially gagged under oath. Does nobody recognize it's odd that these questions were even being asked back in 2011 on the first place? at this stage she was already in a good position in terms of fame and money. what would motivate her to lie as early as 2011 about his abuse? Why is there even a deposition? Clearly she and others had made quite specific complaints Dr Luke wanted refuted. given she was locked to a contract... manipulated as an 18 yr old and offered fame and recognition for her talent (which is rare) ... not to mention the fact this man had threatened to ruin her life and the life of her family as well as her career if she didn't take back the allegations. You can see even in this video how uncomfortable she is. When people make allegations (which she must have made as early as 2010) you have to question their motives. at this stage their was motivation for her to invent a complicated story about rape and abuse given her popularity and status if it weren't true. whereas there was motivation for her to LIE for HIM to protect him... and hence herself and her family. She has gained nothing by pursuing these claims particularly in 2014. She herself admitted she would rather sacrifice her career and millions on legal fees than lie for an abusive rapist . The odds is that she's actually telling the truth, it makes sense.
  9. Does he have a life? These people are the scum of the earth just as Bieber
  10. cuz pop culture is getting overrated and ridiculous
  11. i dont trust mtv since Britney lost 4 vma's nominees of toxic only cuz she didn't attend it
  12. Stifler's Mom

    Music Video

    Slumber Party is her best since Womanizer/Circus, period
  13. Stifler's Mom


    i'm in love with these, far best
  14. Stifler's Mom


    I was censored
  15. how do I hide notifications of post updates? its so annoying cry9

    1. Onika


      Alternatively, go to your user menu > Account Settings > Notification Settings

    2. Bambi

      hey i think i'm in a groupchat with you on twitter rav2

    3. Stifler's Mom

      it's possible haha