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  1. Kenya


    It’s just a promo pic I’m pretty sure
  2. Kenya


    This shoot is so fucking good. the interview is nice too
  3. Kenya here

    While I was a date last night, I looked up and KESHA had come into this local pizza place in Nashville! How wild! 

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    2. Royalty

      3 hours ago, Mariah's 18 #1's said:

      girl if you said you were a fan she'd have gave you a picture! the fuck sis she is where she is and has all the money she has because of people like us, i'm sure she wouldn't mind taking a picture. I once started screaming at Britney all sorts of shit because she wouldn't give me a picture and her bodyguard started chasing me and I started screaming, I still love her though I had a M&G 2 years later and she was iconic


    3. Chris Morlock

      ALWAYS clap1

      ASK clap1

      FOR clap1 

      A clap1

      PICTURE clap1


    4. Kenya

      I won’t feel bad for not asking for a picture and letting her eat pizza in peace shrug1 

  4. After listening to the full audio, I think it’s a solid release for KP!
  5. to me it seems like she’s slowly exposing herself more, but not completely. Instead of just dropping a lead single she’s doing these side projects to bring her name back into pop culture. At least that’s what I think anyway.
  6. Literal queen. how do you release an amazon exclusive song and still go #1 on AC radio
  7. Kenya


    Yes! Gaga and Katy both tweeted about it!
  8. She’s the only one releasing so of course she’s the only one talked about/outstreaming
  9. Kenya here

    Thank u, next is garbo 

    1. Chris Morlock

      in who's world jj4 


    2. The Plague

      thank u for ur opinion, NEXT. ari4

    3. Kenya

      You’re welcome, next oprah14