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  1. Kenya

    Hmmm. I disagree that all popular “pop” songs were heavily influenced by other genres. Katy Perry, Madonna, Britney, etc. have released records that are purely pop. I also disagree that “western pop” in this thread refers to popular music because that doesn’t logically make sense. The OP is referring to the likes of KP, LG, and Madonna who are staples in the genre but have not found recent success with their releases.
  2. Kenya

    Pop has also transformed into its own genre. Kim Petras, Marina, Lykke Li, and Aly & AJ are all considered pop music even though they aren’t topping charts or popular among the masses.
  3. Kenya

    Music Video

    Stanning the visuals and vocals she’s really back
  4. Kenya

    Music Video

    I’m so ready for this era!
  5. I am perched and I love the cover tbh
  6. Kenya


    Dark Horse Wide Awake Teenage Dream
  7. Kenya


    It’s just a promo pic I’m pretty sure
  8. Kenya


    This shoot is so fucking good. the interview is nice too
  9. Kenya here

    While I was a date last night, I looked up and KESHA had come into this local pizza place in Nashville! How wild! 

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    2. Royalty

      3 hours ago, Mariah's 18 #1's said:

      girl if you said you were a fan she'd have gave you a picture! the fuck sis she is where she is and has all the money she has because of people like us, i'm sure she wouldn't mind taking a picture. I once started screaming at Britney all sorts of shit because she wouldn't give me a picture and her bodyguard started chasing me and I started screaming, I still love her though I had a M&G 2 years later and she was iconic


    3. Chris Morlock

      ALWAYS clap1

      ASK clap1

      FOR clap1 

      A clap1

      PICTURE clap1


    4. Kenya

      I won’t feel bad for not asking for a picture and letting her eat pizza in peace shrug1 

  10. After listening to the full audio, I think it’s a solid release for KP!
  11. to me it seems like she’s slowly exposing herself more, but not completely. Instead of just dropping a lead single she’s doing these side projects to bring her name back into pop culture. At least that’s what I think anyway.
  12. Literal queen. how do you release an amazon exclusive song and still go #1 on AC radio