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  1. Kenya here

    two assignments between me and the end of my first semester of grad school ny3 i'm so burnt out ny3 

  2. Kenya


    I just listened to the album today in full. The album is definitely classic Celine, and I didn't hear anything I hadn't heard before from her. There were a couple of tracks I did like though: "Falling in Love Again", "Lying Down", "Courage", "The Chase", "Baby", "Look At Us Now" , "Perfect Goodbye" were some standouts for me, but the rest seemed to blend together. I'm sure the live performances are incredible, but I wasn't blown away by this album.
  3. Kenya here

    Only two posts in the katy section this week rip1 

  4. Kenya


    Snubbed Katy for NRO Happy for Lizzo though. She really deserves it!
  5. It's so wholesome! So happy for her.
  6. Yes. I forgot to mention that. He's in talks to be on morning talk shows in NYC, but the popeyes worker was sent to jail
  7. Okay this is horrifying because this is LITERALLY my small ass hometown . I have mixed feelings about this. I think she absolutely got what she deserved, but this will most definitely play into the 'black people are incredibly violent' trope perpetuated by white America. Conversely, a high school kid who is gay has been hailed as a hero for punching his bully in his face. Why is this popeyes worker not being considered a hero for standing up against racism? The gag is that she's going to sue, and I'm sure Popeyes will settle outside of court.
  8. Isolationism, as can be seen in several examples throughout the world, is not the path to the future. Globalism is obviously where the world is headed, and I don't see that stopping any time soon.
  9. Only katy (California Dreams Tour, Prismatic World Tour, and Witness: the tour) I had tix to see Gags but then the whole hip thing happened
  10. Kenya here

    for clout my ex told me he hooked up w james charles like I'm suppose to be jealous or something gag1

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    2. Hermione

      Welp! It looks like he finally found someone who would mess with him then. clap3

      Is your ex 'straight'?

    3. Kenya

      Do you know james charles or something lmao

    4. Hermione

      We haven't met. But I know many people that he knows.

  11. Kenya

    Dua is the only one I see staying so far. If her album lives up to the quality of whatever her lead is (might be a tell tell sign that idk the name) then she should be good.