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  1. Discussion

    I don't think i've listened to IMYS all the way through yet . It might end up like WAILF which didn't grow on me for years after it's release
  2. here

    Only one more final between me and spring break cry1 also one more quarter between me and my bachelor's degree ny3 I hate college ny3 

  3. 5H's music was trash so good riddance to them
  4. Yeah, definitely one of my favorites from Witness, but the promo plus the collab with trashgos makes it a bit messy for me
  5. Is this really surprising though? The album debuted with 109k and she only had one hit. I don't think she had the starpower to maintain her relevancy between Pure Heroine and Melodrama, tbh. The album is pretty good though; she deserves better, imo.
  6. I saw that The media tries too hard to bring her down... anyway, new katy set
  7. Discussion

    That tea burned my house down it was so hot
  8. Discussion

    It’s still a no from me sis
  9. Discussion

    Walking on Air Wide Awake Teenage Dream ET
  10. Charts

    The #1 did 20k and the #2 did 60k lmfao