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  1. Kenya here

    Gay people shouldn’t have to work full time jobsundefined



  2. Kenya


    I’m voting in Tennessee this election cycle as well, and can co sign on the fact that Marsha Blackburn is a horrific woman. She has no place in any publicly elected office. She’s literally the devil. Phil Bredesen, a widely popular former Governor of Tennessee and also the last democrat to win a statewide election (one in which he won all 95 counties), is running to replace Bob Corker, another terrible flop of a senator. I’m glad to see Taylor speak out in support of Phil Bredesen!
  3. Kenya


    No that’s not what looking snatched means. Looking snatched means looking fierce, good, sickening etc.
  4. Kenya


    Her foundation isn’t all that but go off
  5. Kenya

    “Im standing right here”**
  6. Kenya

    This thread is...a joke.
  7. Kenya


    Where is the part 1? she tweeted something like “I’m never tweeting hi again ever again” Yes she talked about this tweet in an interview too
  8. Kenya

    @ShutUpRae get your eyes checked and take an anatomy class babe. You look so stupid right now
  9. Kenya here

    Doja Cat’s 15 min of fame is already up undefined

    1. Kyoteki

      Moo just hit streaming services 💀

    2. Kenya

      She shouldn’t have said faggot 15 thousand times rip1 

  10. Kenya

    The only one that shows a glimmer of promise is Dula Peep, tbh. The rest of the girls are generic garbage and will probably remain that way.
  11. Kenya

    Somebody lied to her several times