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  1. I will try and do this! I'm writing a literature review right now, but I think I will have time!
  2. the miley cyrus cover of Heart of a Glass is one of the best covers i've ever heard

  3. I'm really about to start writing my master's thesis during the middle of a wildfire and a pandemic dead2. I do not deserve this!

  4. Never Really Over IS one of the best pop songs released in recent pop history and no one can tell me differently ny1 

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    2. LittleDudeNT5


      What is "recent pop history"? You mean like, in the last year? anna1

    3. Chris


      its good. just not that good. id say Harleys in Hawaii instead of NRO

    4. Kenya


      @LittleDudeNT5 It's a subjective time frame, but I would say within the last several years 

      @Chris Morlock I think HiH shows her growth as an artist and the parallels with TD make it quality, but the lyrics, the production, sonically NRO is superior! 

  5. I feel like it would do well in the clubs with a good remix! However the official remixes she does are often...not that great.
  6. will carly rae jepsen please develop a new soundgaga6 

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    2. Kenya


      @ajp oh really? I can fw that!

    3. ajp


      @Kenya While the others are doing disco, she is doing Diamonds & Pearls oprah2

    4. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I agree. It looks like she's slowly transitioning though

  7. these online classes...brit1

    1. Equals =

      Equals =

      i think that i'm actually gonna do just online classes this year

    2. Kenya


      I have a seminar and a 3 hour class back to back and it sucks right now! I don't mind it that much, but tonight is rough.

  8. Seriously. No one can quite do it like her.
  9. It's easily one of her most mature tracks to date underrated bop
  10. Teary eyes is so fucking good

  11. who is responsible for the FOTP tweet going viral talking about Kim Jong Un rip2