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  1. Kenya


    8 seconds of this and it's so much better than Iggy's version. Would've love to hear a final version.
  2. What do you see in CYO that I don't
  3. Kenya here

    Charli really blessing us this era ny3 

  4. I agree but i'd switch CYO and Gone
  5. My favorite from her so far this era. Charli really excels as an artist when she takes these pop risks. I'm obsessed.
  6. It's still so wild to me how much of her success came pre-streaming. Like SS is her #5
  7. 1. Gone 2. Warm 3. Blame It On Your Love 4. Cross You Out 5. 1999
  8. Kenya here

    Miss Charli might have done something with her 2019 releases! 

  9. KP was there and she look phenom. So happy for u ell ell
  10. Kenya

    TMLYM pls
  11. Even with flop singles like this she's still serving looks and cinematography