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  1. Demi should cover" His eyes are on the Sparrow"rav3



  2. Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me Tour Setlist + Dates

    I would LIVE is she Sung Chains by Tina Arena and His eyes are on the Sparrow Imagine her slaying those vocals😂 hard songs too or a disco /house remix of Angels among us
  3. Will she PEAK this era?

    And I Quote from the Confident album booklet : "First and foremost thank you to GOD for allowing me to live the life I've always dreamt of having. I am so blessed and even more great ful for your eternal love" -Demi Oh and by the way GOD is the one who got her fans, success,Out of personal issues such as her cutting she could've been labeled as another "Disney chick fallen" but no, he made her grow and got her out of her Trials And your probably one those who viewed that repulsive satanists thread in the lounge it's honestly sad that you are so convinced that God has no impact whatsoever Demi claims him, and many others do Goodbye
  4. Will she PEAK this era?

    Tbh, I'm praying she does. She was blessed with the Grammys nomination and God has put in her head "I can Snatch too"! DEMI and Confident we're just the beginning and she knows she has potential. Sorry not Sorry is good and hopefully we also get a good singles run Here in Western New York, she sold OUT 3 days after release Girl, I got Confident (and am thankful) What do you think lovatics
  5. Demi Lovato for Notion Magazine

    I honestly love how she's been to rehab, close to religion,and confident / given up her fears (like a Christian should).
  6. Did Demi take notes from other girls?

    I feel as if a Gospel infused track with choir vocals would've snatched
  7. Official Lovatics Taglist

    Me @#VaccinesMakeKidsAutistic
  8. let's all pray for those who lost their lives and are injured from Las Vegas 🙏

  9. Achievement Britney breaks a myth: bends her knee + invents gymnastics

    Thank God Robotney can't come to the phone right now, why? CAUSE SHE IS DEAD! @Hector
  10. Game Create Your Own “X6”

    Album name: Famous Singles 1: Blue moon ft. Shawn Mendes 2: Satellites 3: Closed doors ft. Demi Lovato, Pink 4:Blonde 5: Famous 6: Cashmere ft. Drake( radio single) 7: Faithful (Charity single) Album sound: Diverse yet cohesive. Hip Hop,Dance-pop, Latin, Gospel.
  11. Game Oops!... I Did It Again vs. Britney

    Would've been much easier if it was BOMT vs OIDIA
  12. Flop girls that should have been stars.

  13. Best concept Album

    What is the best in terms of Visuals,Sound,etc. Lemonade(Beyonce) Back to basics (Christina Aguilera) Glitter (Mariah Carey) *Sales don't matter* Discuss
  14. Game Best and Worst era/s?

    Glory Glory Glory had a weak singles run Circus Honestly had the best