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  1. I've honestly not given much thought into Kathy after she started her reverse Gaga stage but I'll give her 30-40
  2. Discussion

    You are all invited to this Tea Party
  3. AWW.............If we were still in times where artist like Britney, Mariah,etc were hitmakers by THEMSELVES
  4. It's only been 4 years did they expect her not to be relevant, has-been status, not even at her peak
  5. It's like the Circus of her discography, released to get rid of a disastrous reputation from a mishandled era
  6. YES I DO When Michael passed my family members were shooketh by the fact the media treated him like pure shit but bowed down when he passed (like they should've) When Whitney passed Me and my Grandmother were watching VH1 TOP 20 and the news reported her death When Prince passed I was side-eyeing the fact that whenever Beyonce has an era with the exception of Self-titled, a LEGEND DIES NO TEA,NO SHADE
  7. The difference is that Males could easily just post a topless pic and there's instantly an awe factor meanwhile, females have to bring the bops,visuals,image to wow the GP and critics
  8. Brandy NEVER SAY NEVER (1998) Blackout Britney spears
  9. Other

  10. I'm GRATEFUL that she is leaving that immature pop gig Behind, HOWEVER i thought with the non stop recording, it would've been released around August-November BUT ALRIGHTY THEN
  11. Discussion

    take it DOWN DOWN DOWN
  12. Isn't it the other way around due to the fact it was released over 3 months prior
  13. You have a point but lord knows what these Market directors have in store
  14. This may save music videos, pop culture, and possibly sales