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  1. Discussion

    There's been PLENTY of us who Stan Kylie, But I do Know that there are Many from Australia, That's a fact! Do we have any Aussies in the section ?
  2. I honestly Think it's because some don't know how to get there. As I may say,A lot don't know about sending Demos, Getting an Agent,Talent competitions. Because it's not made aware of them. So they take the advantage of going on a kids sitcom or televised talent show in order to be seen/discovered
  3. Achievement

    a mother- trucking Woman Babe that's RIGHT #Keshawon
  4. Achievement

    a mother- trucking Woman Babe that's RIGHT #Keshawon
  5. Rumor

    I'm literally Bopping already
  6. So true!, Prism doesn't click well with me though tbh not Bad However, Witness, Teenage Dream, and Katy Hudson are my favorites from her
  7. Discussion

    Someone noticed my old comment from Last week
  8. Discussion

    Someone noticed my old comment from Last week
  9. Rated R twins! me and @Royale

    1. Royale

      Of course, we stan a Legendary era! 

  10. Discussion

    My thing is that I want her to make a Pop comeback without repeating past work but if that's her ONLY option,Then I would Love a Discopop album with a Glam/Cavier aesthetic
  11. Discussion

    Yes and tbh If she was to make LG6 a pop come back, she should move to Europe and record. No more House for now, and I wouldn't mind her finding a new fashion Aesthetic like Kylie during Light years or something simply Glamorous yet approachable If she was to make LG6 an experimental album I would have it be Indie/Rock/Alternative
  12. Yes and here is why For me,All my damn life thus far,I have dealt with different things than my peers. I dealt with speech impediment due to vaccines.I went to a speech school and by the work of God,I am articulate and very expressive. People said I spoke like a girl. Since birth,I've loved Music including Pop such as Rihanna, Mariah,Gaga,Brit, Kylie,etc. As an infant and toddler,I played with Bratz dolls and I'm very open hearted . People including some adults have called me white and Gay. Even when it came down to music,People thought I was supposed to have a Deep voice.I still struggle with this Ignorance til this day. And especially in the Black Community,We have become OBSESSED with Hyper Masculinity and group thinking due to the wicked effects of Slavery.
  13. Music Video

    I'm proud of her the dancers brought so much Emotion,Her vocal arrangement was spot on and my comment from yesterday wasn't a way of me saying she doesn't deserve the award this year,But me and Monster had actually sent letters to the RCA Executive Peter Edge stating that he's gonna have to pull rank on Xtina's team and fix her problem because at the end of the day He's still gonna want his money But I'm proud of Pink