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  1. It's the best song on the album.
  2. Madame X is absolutely a better and more interesting album than Chromatica and, unlike it, did a lot of unconventional things sonically (Extreme Occident, Dark Ballet). Chromatica is cute and has some good pop songs but we can all hear that they're half-baked because they were created with the end in mind to be optimized for maximal streaming potential. There is absolutely no artistic merit to the music whatsoever, it’s an album of strategically developed ring tones to capture a specific sound, for a specific audience, in a specific amount of time. And that's fine - but that's what
  3. I guess NONE of us are allowed to be happy until LGBT folk in the Middle East stop getting thrown off buildings or stoned to death in Mecca, the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar stops, and the indoctrination camps in Xinjiang are liberated.
  4. I'd call Future Nostalgia a 4/5 and Chromatica a 3/5.
  5. The Fame Monster. But I don't think she's delivered a truly exceptional album yet, there's always a filler or two, and they always sound dated.
  6. Definitely not. The interludes alone...
  7. But you know what, some of the bridges on this record are fabulous ("Free Woman", "Alice").
  8. Strut it out, walk a mile Serve it, ancient city style Talk it out, babble on On the cover of a magazine And yet she'd have us believe her inspos were Crystal Waters & CeCe Peniston.
  9. Sorry to chime in but the BEST part of the song is the post chorus at around 2:45 "I hear the thunder comin' down, won't you rain on me?" and I have NO idea why she made that the outro?
  10. Breaking news: Gaga rushes to record new song "Patient Zero" for Chromatica. The song was written by Diane Warren, and it's about Gaga's aunt Joan, who happened to be Chinese, who was the first one to die of Coronavirus after eating at Gaga's dad bat-infested restaurant. Gaga is gonna sing it at the next Grammys surrounded with Coronavirus survivors. Stay tuned for further details.

  11. Yes, The Next Best Thing has lived on.
  12. Caught, in the heat of a gay moment. moo9


  13. Lazy af but cool with it


  14. Hidden Place 26 Cocoon 22 It's Not Up To You 23 Undo 16 Pagan Poetry 32 Frosti 9 Aurora 22 An Echo, A Stain 28 Sun In My Mouth 18 Harm of Will 24 Unison 18 i love you @Jonna Lee