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  1. here

    Does anyone know where can I watch Beauty and The Beast online? giveup1 

  2. here

    When you're with your straight friends and "Supermodel (You Better Work)" plays and they don't know you're gay


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    2. RuPaul

      A lie!!!!!!

    3. Hylia

      The exposé


    4. Cosmic

      "rupaul outsold" relates

  3. "Supermodel of the World" - RuPaul
  4. here

    Imagine thinking RuPaul aint a legend

  5. here

    Emma Watson outsold btw

    1. Coca-Cola

      we knew this btw

    2. RuPaul

      I'm gonna go watch this movie tonight again giveup1 I can't wait to be dragged and scalped by this vocal legend

  6. here

    Someone: Beyon-

    Me: talentless, bought grammys, triggeredTT, hate her, overrated, Demonade



  7. Right? The stupidity
  8. here


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    2. RuPaul

      inb4 it's Coco dead4 

    3. RuPaul

      We're discussing about it in the Drag Race thread and one member said it's a contestant from S8 shock1 

  9. here

    imagine thinking this isn't a bop


    1. Sylk

      Imagine thinking Shak isn't a legend 

  10. RuPaul is a legend and he can do whatever he likes!
  11. Right? He is tbh. I just thought it was cute to put this two together since in the end they have the same thing going on. I do agree that "Vogue" is way bigger but I don't know why I feel like "Supermodel" is better in terms of runway material
  12. OMG KJSADBFB I didn't knew she did this, ICONIC
  13. I was going to ask that. But I think it's because those three songs are weak.. At least No Frauds was #14 on the Hot 100 tho
  14. The Big Big Beat. Ru's song was released this week.
  15. Never said it wasn't wrong but maybe there's something behind this? Idk, all I care is that both songs are bops