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  1. Have you ever heard of vine? It's been used in so many and our generation knows it. Listen you can argue all you want but you're 23+ in Germany I'm a teenager in America I'm not trying to drag anyone I'm just saying what my friends know. And they could NEVER name more than two Whitney or like 3 Mariah so I'm not arguing for any of them either.
  2. AIWFC yes and Touch My Body possibly because it is viral in our generation. Also possibly Emotions and We Belong Together but nothing else that's for sure I feel bad for them and I'm not taking anything away from Madonna's legend status it's just she will be remembered as inspiring a generation and breaking boundaries more than her songs!
  3. Music Video

    Ok but this is highkey LIT and the comments omw people are HERE for this.
  4. DANG I'm impressed
  5. Guys I'm sorry but literally none of my friends could name a Madonna song. Maybe Like a Prayer.
  6. If DSYLM is not the single I- I have FULL confidence it will be it's a fan favorite and resonated best with the GP. It's the perfect winter single. HLT is FLOPPING though omw its not even in the top 200 of any itunes OR spotify its like 480 here in the US omw.
  7. Hav(H)ana(H) coming for #1 next week once you become a main Cacalizer whew
  8. here

    LEAKED: CRAZY video of me impressing @Simón. and @Entea with my INSANE Spanish skills!


    1. Entea

      May I have a lyric video to this? wendy3

  9. How's life @Anna-wa hug2

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    2. Anna-wa

      Awww shucks wub1 you are so sweet wub1 I love you

    3. Anna-wa

      (Also, if I ever go too far with my jokes about Heteros at your expense, tell me. Like, I AM just joking/reversing the jokes about my people I've heard all my life - but I know YOU'RE not responsible for that, so if you feel I go too far, please tell me. I love you.)

    4. Parker

      Oh my gosh of course!!! And don't worry at all it IS abnormal for me to be on a site like this so I totally get it and love to have a good laugh at it!

  10. Oh my word imagine trying to make a list of all of these well you tried it @Hannah you almost nailed them all but left off and there's more I just can't remember them all if you're gonna do a ranking at least get your research right please smh
  11. Still recovering I see
  12. Btw @Hyun. you better have been QUAKING I did not go through the trouble of downvoting gen going back and upcoming for nothing Now make me a surprise guest judge IMMEDIATELY I give 10s to all of the contestants please factor this into the scores by FRIDAY 4PM East. Thank you.
  13. I'm just kidding Perched for this had to get @Hyun. shook and bring some excitement back oh yes I'm perched for the results
  14. @Hyun. I do not wish to be on the tag list please take me off and do not tag me again.