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  1. Discussion

    Halcyon I'll never understand how one can upvote so many posts I-
  2. Charts

    UK tracking week has started with Ari at number one. She's holding on but dropping slowly. I hope this can chart even higher this week!
  3. Discussion

    I- Hannah plz no Ready for CaCa to #CONVERT with her 20 song debut album.
  4. Discussion

    omw Hannah you did not just do that go listen to I Have Questions but don't worry I aim to give Ari my rightful place at #1 I used this other site that had the streams from all time (not just the time I activated my acc CANNOT relate) and Ari was OBVI #1 talent WINS
  5. Discussion

    Hey you I like you you're a great member I've loved seeing you more active recently
  6. Discussion

    I'm rooting for ha so I actually tried to give her streams. Perched to give Arianas lead 10,000+ streams first week. I just wish I had last fm the whole time since I just got it recently! In NY so my Camila stanning has been on pause no wonder she's flopping poor it
  7. Discussion

    Let me go now (no need to follow back if you don't want to!)
  8. Discussion

    Upvoted (and stalked) The Way I Are really is THAT bop!
  9. I like it! A bop!
  10. Wait I thought you were joking at first now I'm just in a corner praying for your soul.
  11. I love how this section turns into oppresive insufferable rudies when it comes to any negative opinions on Touch it or TBY. We stan talent.
  13. Yes we love tribute artists now that the video has been ended
  14. And yet you rate it the same? CANCELLT. Enjoying talent winning (mostly) so far though.