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  1. Can we let the dead rest in peace please
  2. P.E.T.E.R.

    Idk why Nicki collabed with 6inx9 whatever his stage name is and im not sure why hes not in jail, I dont know what her reasons are, i do know that Chun li and Bed bop so.
  3. P.E.T.E.R.

    Stripped 2.0?
  4. P.E.T.E.R.

    Well supposedly she isnt taking a long break so u may not wait that long
  5. P.E.T.E.R.

    I added some Liberation tracks to a playlist I made yesterday
  6. Dont compare Britney to Diana
  7. P.E.T.E.R.


    Gr8 on the songs remaining
  8. @Imperfect Early Mornin' was #5 and Showdown #4
  9. omg when was i eliminated
  10. P.E.T.E.R.

    Season 9 trailer
  11. P.E.T.E.R.


    But it can also cause u damage if u work urself to hard let her be happy
  12. P.E.T.E.R.


    u guys r extra Let her be happy and healthy