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  1. MJ is the one who's actually leading this poll
  2. The results
  3. I like the song, but i'm not sure if it will smash.
  4. Not really, both mariah and madonna are getting dragged, not only mariah.
  5. What has my innocent thread turned into?
  6. @WinnieThePooh make it a multiple choice tbh
  7. M A R I A H Represented by @WinnieThePooh VS M A D O N N A Represented by @Yzma
  8. Respect wise i think Madonna would probably lose if she's against Beyoncé to be frank. she gets disrespected just for entertainment which is sad, it is like it is trendy to hate on her.
  9. Beyoncé is the most respected out of them, she almost never had a big scandal or dirt on her, so she still has her clean public profile untouched, she's the only pop girl who actually did whatever it took her to keep her image clean, we all saw what she did when the whole taylor-kanye thing took place, also the whole elevator situation, this is a smart woman who will protect her reputation/image, also in her personal life she's so low-key.. almost boring and too-chill... she's like a regular person who does her job perfectly then go home for her family, she keeps all of her antics for the stage... she has a clear sense of what she wants everything to be like.. that's why she wins the respect points. Respect is harder to earn, you can be successful easily but remain disrespected by almost everyone (Example: the kardashians) Respect-wise MJ sadly has the child molestation shit stain, some people still believe it so.. sadly he's not as respected as he should be respected , he's arguably known the most out of them all, so he's the most successful. Respect-wise Rihanna had the whole chris brown thing and the GP will never get over it, when she got back with him people dragged her to no end, and when they broke up she got dragged too, also she's sexual in her songs/videos that the conservative part of the GP, which makes a big portion of it, can be harsh on her (same goes to madonna?)... also some stans might have reservations about her performances... moreover she posts all of her personal life including stuff the GP might drag her for... she's successful but not the most successful. Katy is seen as a pop singer for kids almost by everyone, i even saw her albums listed in kids pop categories in some markets, so she's not respected as a serious artist as much she would want to. she's probably the most GP-friendly out of them, that's why she slayed with views in her SB performance.