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  1. Hello Sweetheart!


  2. Hello! 


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    2. NJ

      OH WOW OH WOW! shock1 This is my fav new dance move, OMG


    3. Entea

      Omg, you should listen to my fav song by him


    4. NJ

      @Entea i love 'carnaval" already. it is so Radio-friendly btw. cheer1 

      I also love "Solos" 


  3. here

    Hello beautiful! How are you feeling today? 




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    2. NJ

      wub1  wub1 

      LBR... your flawless profile is my HOME now! I have to tell you that! 


    3. Entea

      Yours just needs a banner finishing touch and would slay all


    4. NJ

      @Entea Even if i managed to do it, it won't be flawless like yours. 


  5. here


    Just passed the 6666 posts mark.


  6. Mission accomplished boo. /EndThread
  7. Fun fact: PATTI is mariah's GOD-MOTHER.
  8. By creating this thread, I'm on a job to make you laugh til you cry and use all of your tissues. i'm sure i will reach my goal... check the mother of all messy performances down below: "LEMME SEE THAT CARD-GAIN" "NEXT CARD, HONEY, NEXT CARD, WOOHOOOO"
  9. Queen of discounts. BEYONCÉ will never.
  10. SO there's no quote saying what you accused me of? CLASSIC. Interpretation denied. that's why you should always read what a person said about you before replying, i said earlier you and him can argue and validate your points sometimes, did you read that? or are you selective like that? I'm a realistic person, i'd always tell you the advantages and disadvantages of sth. My brick wall comment is actually for how you're not willing to see the other person's points, HEADSTRONG, like instead of seeing from where the other person is coming from and trying to understand, what do you do? you pick everything they say apart, interpret it HOWEVER you want without even asking, and go from there... you see how it is wrong? because you leave it to your own understanding... which can be inaccurate as it is the case in here.... honey this is not the way.... we all get proven wrong all the time, it won't kill you... As for your question: A "sophist" is a person who reasons with clever but fallacious and deceptive arguments. They are in it to WIN, they are not in it for THE TRUTH. you are a sophist.
  11. @Yzma This is my point, fame sadly doesn't guarantee you respect.
  12. That moment when my controversial comments in BG inspire future threads. it is a topic that should be addressed though.
  13. This is just exhausting. you're a literally wall of bricks when in convos. AGAIN i didn't say "you can't carry an argument". This is how you INTERPRETED IT. i asked for a quote by me saying it exactly like how you worded it, not how you interpreted it. SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING? being a fool. L-O-L i'd give you a reply when you find me that quote. you're fabricating shit at this point.