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Rate the Song: Kesha Edition

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Dan    12,048

Welcome to the Kesha Edition of Rate the Song!


Every couple days I will be mentioning a Kesha song in the comments. To rank the song, simply comment a number between 0 (worst) and 10 (best). I will average the scores and compile them below.


I will be working my way through Kesha's released discography, and then moving towards unreleased songs/remixes.


@Rosé gave me permission to carry on with this game from the original thread, so thank you!




The Harold Song: 10

Animal: 10

Spaceship: 10

Praying: 9.857

Last Goodbye: 9.667

Blind: 9.667

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes: 9.625

TiK ToK: 9.5

Cannibal: 9.4

Finding You: 9.333

Boots: 9.333

Sleazy: 9.286

Hungover: 9.107

C'Mon: 9.0

Past Lives: 9.0

Love Into The Light: 9.0

Take It Off: 8.906

Your Love Is My Drug: 8.857

Die Young: 8.571

Backstabber: 8.531

Thinking of You: 8.5

Kiss N Tell: 8.5

Party At A Rich Dude's House: 8.5

Blow: 8.429

Crazy Beautiful Life: 8.4

Wonderland: 8.333

Warrior: 8.333

Crazy Kids (solo): 8.333

Gold Trans Am: 8.25

Supernatural: 8.167

We R Who We R: 8.125

Learn to Let Go: 8.0

Boogie Feet: 7.889

Only Wanna Dance With You: 7.833

Hunt You Down: 7.8

Bastards: 7.75

Dirty Love (ft. Iggy Pop): 7.667

All That Matters (The Beautiful Life): 7.571

Grow A Pear: 7.429

Let 'Em Talk: 7.429

Blah Blah Blah: 7.417

VIP: 7.375

Woman: 7.313

Hymn: 7.2

Rainbow: 6.875

Wherever You Are: 6.625

Godzilla: 6.5

c u next tuesday: 6.286

Boots & Boys: 6.0

Emotional: 6.0

Dinosaur: 5.6

Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You): 5.4

Out Alive: 5.313

Stephen: 4.25





Highest ranking song: The Harold Song

Lowest ranking song: c u next tuesday


WARRIOR: 8.135

Highest ranking song: Last Goodbye

Lowest ranking song: Out Alive


ANIMAL: 8.122

Highest ranking song: Animal

Lowest ranking song: Stephen


Rainbow: 7.996

Highest ranking song: Spaceship

Lowest ranking song: Old Flames



Tell Me Bitch: 9.6

Run Devil Run: 9.25

Innocence and Pills: 9.25

Feels Like Rain: 9.2

Save Me: 8.8

 Pretty Lady: 8.75

Booty Call: 8.6

Coming Unglued: 8.5

Chain Reaction: 8.5

I Taste Like A Cherry: 8.5

Heart's On Fire: 8.5

D.U.I.: 8.25

Hallucination: 8.2

Aliens (Invading): 8.2

Who Do You Love: 8.0

31 Seconds Alone: 7.95

7AM: 7.833

Disgusting: 7.8

Frenzy: 7.5

Fuck Fake Hippies: 7.5

Boys: 7.429

Starvin': 7.333

True Love: 7.107

I Taste Like A Cherry: 7.0

Lovers In The Deep End: 7.0

I Wrote It Down: 6.8

Crazy Girl: 6.75

Tell Me Bitch: 6.667

This Tattoo: 6.5

This Love: 6.5

Uncensored: 6.643

Mouth: 6.214

Krazy (ft. Detail): 6.125

Boys Just Suck: 6.0

Baby, It's You: 6.0

Good To Be Queen: 5.75

Hush Hush: 5.6

Stuck Up: 5.5

Way With Words: 5.4

Dirty Liar: 5.0

N-N-N-Neva Baby: 4.833

Lucky: 4.4

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Dan    12,048

To begin...



Comment below 0 (worst) - 10 (best)


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Dan    12,048

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Rosé.    7,995


On 9/14/2017 at 7:54 AM, Chris Morlock said:

but then TiK ToK will snatch the #1 fall1 

I highly doubt that orangu1

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